Microsoft Infrastructure Services

Architecture Services

Our Microsoft Certified Masters and Engineers design, install, and support Microsoft Windows Server technologies with the deepest level of technical expertise and the ability to design and build innovative solutions for complex, on-premises and hybrid cloud enterprise environments.

Active Directory

Let us design and deploy an Active Directory forest based on your business functional and technical requirements and Microsoft Best Practices to allow your business to enjoy the benefits of a directory designed to minimize risks, improve effectiveness, and increase efficiency.  Our team has designed and implemented complex forests spanning multiple continents for Fortune 500 businesses and the US Federal government.

O/S Upgrades

Upgrading to newer Server operating system versions allows your business to take advantage of massive compute scaling options, enhanced networking capabilities, improved VM mobility, increased storage, and server automation and manageability.  Take your IT Services to the next level and let CB5 assess, design, and migrate your legacy Microsoft Server operating systems to Server 2012 R2 or Server 2016.

Health Checks

Are you concerned about the health of your Active Directory forest?  CB5 offers Active Directory Services Health Assessments that focus on the health of the AD environment and identifies potential single points of failure, replication health and convergence issues, name resolution problems, group policy inefficiencies, and domain controller health.  The AD Health Assessment will deliver a full report of the health and status of your enterprise AD environment and remediation actions to correct identified weaknesses and deficiencies.

Identity & Access

A mature identity and access strategy will empower employees secure access with a common identity to services, applications, and data both offsite or on premises.  Organizations are able reduce ongoing security and support costs by enabling self-service and through the implementation of automation practices with workflow.

Securely extend access to enterprise services and implement federation services for a Single Sign-On capability to minimize the number of user identities and increase compliance while decreasing management efforts by establishing a thoughtful identity and access management methodology.

Mergers & Consolidation

Mergers and acquisitions can be disruptive and risky to an organizations production and generally result in a requirement to consolidate IT services, including Active Directory. Technologies, solutions, and practices have evolved to allow IT organizations to consolidate and streamline services and infrastructure while increasing service value and service experience.  Consolidation of IT services can come in many forms and provide numerous benefits to a wide range or organizations.

Allow CB5 to help navigate you safely through your merger, acquisition, or consolidate with the design, planning, and consolidation your multiple AD environments in order to minimize disruption and risk to your bottom-line while simplifying AD administration, lowering costs, and improving collaboration within your business.