Azure Cloud Services

Azure Advisory
& Engineering Services

Need expert help migrating services into Microsoft Azure so you can reduce hardware lifecycle costs, experience scalability and elasticity for compute demands, and have a bonafide backup and disaster recovery capability?  Is your business establishing a new Azure environment and you want to make sure a solid management framework is established to support your cloud compute, network, and storage services and you want to get it right the first time?

Our Azure and Microsoft technology experts will assess your current on-premises environment, determine what workloads and services can be migrated to Azure, and then develop an engineering and implementation plan based on your business and technical requirements to migrate your services into Azure.  We will design and implement an Azure Management Framework that allows your business to realize all the benefits of Azure Cloud services.

Azure Engineering, Migration, & Implementation

Ready to migrate on-premises infrastructure services to Azure?  Are you interested in being relieved of having to perform significant year-over-year hardware technical refresh and upgrades?  Struggling to keep up with the demand for more compute and capacity requirements to support new server operating systems and applications?

We have the answer!  Let CB5 help you with assessing and migrating your on-premises infrastructure for relocation to Microsoft Azure, giving you freedom from being shackled to on-premises compute and capacity limitations.  With Microsoft Azure, scale up or down within minutes with automated virtual machine provisioning and deprovisioning to meet the requirements of your development, lab, and operations teams.  Take advantage of all the compute and storage capacity you require and only pay for what you use.

Azure IaaS Managed Services

Looking for high quality, first class IaaS management operations and support?  Does your business desire operations and support that strives for operational excellence?  Let CB5 manage your Azure IaaS services with our Azure IaaS Managed Services offering to elevate your Azure services to their maximum potential so to minimize costs while maximizing productivity.

CB5 has proven experience delivering Operations and Management Support services for US Federal Government and Private Sector businesses.  We’ve capitalized upon our years of experience with developing and delivering high quality on-premises platform IT services engineering, management and operations to provide an Azure IaaS Managed Services offering with 24x7x365 Managed Services and Support for your cloud infrastructure services.

Our Operations and Support team incorporates ITIL and ITSM processes with Microsoft best practices to provide highly reliable and efficient IT services.  We leverage automated templates and configuration scripts for standard baseline configuration and deployment of virtual machines, proactive monitoring and log analysis, operating system patching and compliance reporting, and business continuity and disaster recovery operations.

Our Azure IaaS Managed Services offering can wholly manage and operate your IaaS services or integrate with your current IT team as Staff Augmentation Advisory Services in order to enhance IT service delivery and operations.

Hybrid & Public Cloud Solution Designs

When it comes to Cloud Services, business and government organizations today are faced with developing strategies that drive innovation and minimize TCO while driving and delivering higher reliability and quality for IT services.  Whether your cause is to extend and integrate your on-premises datacenter with Microsoft Azure, migrate all services to Microsoft Azure, or establish new IT services in Azure, let us assist you with meeting your goals.

CB5 has the expertise, experience, and exposure for assessing, designing, deploying, and migrating on-premises infrastructure services to Microsoft Azure.  Our engineers will assess your on-premises services and develop a migration plan tailored to your requirements while allowing you to capitalize on the benefits of Azure:  scalability, elasticity, and reliability.