Certified Masters

Microsoft's Masters Certification requires demonstration of practical and technical knowledge at the highest skill level in the industry. CB5 has Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) accreditation training in 5 disciplines areas including O365, Exchange, Directory Services, Lync, and Infrastructure.

Unified Messaging

With the many different ways to interact in today's corporate world comes the challenge of maintaining segregated contact, access, and record keeping. Integrating communications with Unified Messaging can serve as a force multiplier to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Health Assessments

CB5 Solutions’ engineers are passionate about helping your organization see complete value fulfillment from your technology investments. Using their expertise, experience, and exposure, our engineers will help maximize value by assessing the technology solution and providing optimization recommendations.

Why choose our services

CB5 Solutions provides exemplary service to organizations through each phase of the service delivery lifecycle (SDLC). We are committed to raising the service quality standard and providing a durable and positive impact.

Professional Training

CB5 has Microsoft Certified Trainers with experience teaching and developing the same skills we practice.

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